Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Work, Work...LOVE THE CUTE OUTFITS!


I've photographed so many cute families and babies this month, and it's not over yet! Here are more recent photographs! Pin It

Friday, November 20, 2009

Catch Up Time


I've haven't posted on here in a long time. Between work, family, and FB....yikes! So thanks for my awesome clients. November of 2009 has been my busiest month ever since I started my business! YEAH! BUT, also thanks for being patient, since I do everything myself, things are taking a bit longer to get things done!

I"m going to show some of my favorites over the past months..... Pin It

Monday, May 25, 2009

Emily's little girl's arrival

Liza so sweet sleeping!
her nursery is so cute!

Welcome Liza! Here at 2 months old. Pin It

Emily's Maternity Pictures


Here is beatiful and old time friend Emily pregnant with her little girl... Pin It

Father's Day Portrait Party

The portrait party went well, even though my 2 sons wanted to get into all the pictures! We worked around them:) This link with is some pictures that have not been fixed, so bare with me....
Met some great new families and everyone was so nice!! Pin It

Monday, May 4, 2009

Father's Day Portrait Party~ Part 1

Hello everyone!

This is my very first post on my blog! Yeah..I'm feeling updated on the times now, LOL.

So now that the kids are sleeping, I'm running around my house try to get ready for my portrait party for tomorrow. I am part of a great site and I have all my clients coming from my "mommy group" there. I'm excited to meet several new families and lots of little cuties to take pictures of. I have a studio set up in my living room, and I was hoping to do outside pictures also with all the pretty flowers in my yard...BUT it's been raining for days it seems. So unless we have some adventurous mom's that will take my suggestion to grab an umbrella and get some fun shots of the kids playing in the rain...I think we are house bound!

Check back to see some photos from the portrait party!

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